Training workshops

Training workshops are organized by each project and host other member of NanomeCH cluster. Here you can find the list of past events with the related programme:

  • Italy, Ferrara, March 27th 2014, Workshop “Nanomaterials between research and testing: new perspectives for the consolidation and protection” at Fair “Restauro”. Download the programme

  • Italy, Rome, May 26th -27th 2014, Workshop “Plasma cleaning and innovative self-diagnostic protective coatings for conservation” at Musei Vaticani. Download the programme

  • Spain, Madrid, June 12th 2014, Workshop “Presentation of the key aspects of the Project – New consolidant systems based on metal alkoxides for materials used in Cultural Heritage – Technical training session: application on different Substrates” at 11th International Conference on “Non-Destructive Investigations and Microanalysis for the Diagnostics and Conservation of Cultural and Environmental Heritage” (ART'14). Download the programme

  • Serbia, Novi Sad, July 8th 2014, Workshop "The Use of New Materials and Techniques in Cultural Heritage Protection and Conservation" at The Gallery of Matica srpska. Download the programme