The main objective of the NANOFORART project is the development and experimentation of new nanomaterials and responsive systems for the conservation and preservation of movable and immovable artworks.

In particular, “smart” nanostructured systems will be designed and characterized to achieve the following objectives:

1. Cleaning of immovable artworks

2. Consolidation of immovable artworks

3. Cleaning of movable artworks

4. Deacidification of movable artworks

The project is articulated into ten work-packages (WPs) that will cover a three years period. The first part of the project aims at developing nanomaterials and technologies optimized for the conservation of movable and immovable artworks, while the second part focuses on transferring technology results to SMEs and end users (museums, restorers) for upscale and dissemination activities.


Title: Nano-materials for the conservation and preservation of movable and immovable artworks

Instrument: FP7, Collaborative project

Duration: 36 months

Start Date: 01/12/2011

Consortium: 15 partners from 10 countries

Project Coordinator: CSGI - Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo Sviliuppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase (Firenze, IT)

Key Words: conservation, nanomaterials, compatibility, durability, cleaning, deacidification, consolidation, nanoparticles, gels, manageable methodologies, low environmental impact.