WG5 - Environment and Health Impact

F. Becherini, A. Mauko Pranjić

The five projects grouped in NanomeCH Cluster are developing nano and advanced materials for a sustainable conservation of Cultural Heritage meeting at the same time the targets of human well-being and safety, eco-compatibility and respect of the environment.

The main objective of Working Group 5 is the assessment of the impact of these newly developed materials on the environment and human health. Hence, WG5 is aimed at bridging the activities performed by each project member of the NanomeCH cluster within the domain "Environment and health impact", in order to promote and assure the safe use of engineered nanomaterials and their technological applications. The target of a efficient and durable conservation of Cultural heritage should be reached using as much as possible nature-based solutions, green chemistry, bio-inspired materials, in compliance with the European trend.

The collaboration and transfer knowledge between research teams of different projects is meant to ensure that the investment into the development of nanotechnology result in long-term benefits and sustainable, smart and healthy materials and products. In fact, the risks related to the use and handling of nanomaterials has to be recognized and addressed well before products reach the market. Hence, a thorough environmental and health risks assessment over the whole life cycle of these products is required to demonstrate their reduced impact in term of hazardous chemicals and nanoparticles exposure.