WG4 - Performance Assessment

C. Miliani, L. Bozec

Recent developments in materials science and technology have provided an array of functional materials and advanced technologies applicable to the restoration of cultural heritage. Both these new materials and associated methodologies will allow conservators to overcome the shortcomings often presented by traditional products/methods.

Considering that any restoration action may be irreversible and harmful to the artwork and considering the complexity and heterogeneity of most cultural heritage materials in needs of restoration, a wide range of performance assessment methodologies are mandatory to guide the development and optimization of new products and methods to ensure their final validation before widespread application on valuable objects.

The networking activity within WG4 is to compare and exchange information on performance assessment methodologies adopted by various cluster partners with the aim of:

1. Improving these methodologies;

2. Formulate a ‘best practice’ for assessment protocols;

3. Identifying areas of research for the development for new and effective analytical methods.