WG3 - Technology Transfer and Market Opportunity

A. Patelli, K. Seymour

The CH market is a niche market and its study is somehow particularly difficult due to the strong connection with institution as stakeholders and to its strong fragmentation. The restoration SMEs usually can be divided in two categories: bigger companies for building restoration and smaller ones, maybe individual, for artifacts or mayor value restoration. The fragmentation is not only of the stakeholders, of local and national institutions, of the rules and of the companies but also of the materials and techniques that are involved in the restoration process itself.

It is somehow difficult in that way to evaluate how big is the market and what are the market needs.

In this framework the working group will have a twofold approach:

1. Evaluate the potential impact of the new technologies developed in the running cluster projects

2. Evaluate the size of the market and the needs

The methodology will be the use of questionnaire that will be delivered to the different projects partners but also to a wider audience (contancts, fairs, ...) published also on line.

The results will be then analyzed in order to have indication for products commercialization and market needs and volumes.