WG2 - Innovative Technologies and Tools

R. Furferi, P. Storme

The five projects grouped in NanomeCH share the idea to provide a number of innovative technologies, and tools, to be applied in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage, being such tools mainly based on nanotechnologies and nano-devices.

On the basis of the experience acquired by projects’ partners, the main objective of Working Group 2 is to push forward the study and implementation of the most promising technologies and tools aimed at helping conservators and scientists in operating in the CH field. Such technologies/tools include, but are not limited to:

1. Nano-devices, such as new low-invasive tools for conservation and consolidation, new systems for heat treatment based on nanomaterials;

2. Diagnostic systems for the preservation of artistic assets, such as three-dimensional imaging in the visible, IR, and X-rays spectrum ranges and other related technologies for the non-invasive monitoring of artworks and for the estimation of their conservation status;

3. Numerical modeling and validation tools in order to enable the Conservator and/or the decision makers to foresee the outcome of treatments, processes, interventions;

4. Tools and technologies for the valorization and fruition of CH particularly following the restoration/intervention.

The planned exploitation of projects results, together with the sharing of most relevant results between research teams of different projects, are expected to provide ideas for developing new nanotechnology-based smart devices to be preliminarily tested by selected conservators, but still open to a wider panel of users, prior to reach the market.